News and Stats for the Automotive Industry

Manufacturer Revenues

The revenue of leading automotive manufacturers worldwide in the fiscal year of 2014 is outlined below. The Ford Motor Company made some 119 billion euros in revenue during 2014.

In terms of automotive revenue and sales, Volkswagen, Toyota, and GM are the most successful car-makers in the world. While Toyota has had flatter revenue streams in the past three years, VW has had good growth and increased its revenue to ca. 202 billion euros in  2014, up from $179 billion U.S. in that year, when GM launched an IPO. 

The global car industry was negatively affected by the crisis of 2008, and the US automaker declared a $91 billion bankruptcy after the crisis. In 2009, passenger auto sales plummeted in most markets. However, China emerged as a key market for passenger cars. 

It remains to be seen if auto companies from China will make a iable impact in the global market similar to in other industries

Statistic: Revenue* of the leading automotive manufacturers worldwide in 2014 (in billion euros) | Statista